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mardi 31 janvier 2012

Comparing consumer innovation in the UK, USA, Japan & France

The surprising extent of consumer innovation !

Four studies of consumer product innovation were recently conducted with representative samples of citizens aged 18 and older from US, UK, Japan (by E. Von Hippel and his colleagues) and France (by E. Vernette together with eYeka). 

In all four nations, millions of people innovate to create and modify consumers product to better fit their needs. But the percentage of the population developing products (ie. modifying or creating) for their own use differs between countries: 10.7 % for France, 6,6% for the United Kingdom, 5.7% in the US and 5.4% in Japan. In the latter three countries, Von Hippel et al. find that consumer innovators are significantly more likely than average to be highly educated, to have a technical education and to be male. 

With respect to innovation protection, 2% of the UK consumer innovators formally protected their intellectual property rights. For French people, 1.9% of the sample totally agrees with the following statement: "I could have or have applied for a patent".
(sample size = 1,173)
(sample size = 1,992)
(sample size = 2,000)
(sample size = 995)
% of consumers modifying consumer products
4.5% b
2.8% b
3.7% b
6.1% c
% of consumers creating consumer products
2.1% b
2.9% b
1.7% b
4.6% c
% of consumer-innovator applying to protect innovation (eg patents)
2% a
1.9% c
(c) Asked question “During the last three years, you have…” Vernette E. & Hamdi L. (2012), Co-creation with consumers: who has the right competencies and really wants to cooperate, working paper. Other results were published in and

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