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lundi 24 octobre 2011

Engagement and skills in co-creation activities : Dealing with Lead users and Emergent Nature consumers (Part 2)

This post summarizes the results (part 2) of a research undertaken by Eric Vernette, Professor at the Center for Research in Management (CRM), University of Toulouse Capitole: "Assessing the role of Lead users and Emergent Nature consumers in co-creation activities: method and marketing attractiveness", October, 2011. The present study was carried out in a joint research program with eYeka. Respondents were drawn from the qualified database from a leading panel provider. The sample comprised 995 French (older than 16 years old) respondents selected following the quota method (age, region, gender and education level). Data analysis was realized by Eric Vernette and Linda Hamdi (PhD Student at the CRM, University of Toulouse Capitole).

Engagement in co-creation experience 

After defining thresholds for lead-userness and emergent nature in a previous post, we wanted to know if these consumers were more involved in co-creative activities or not. 

Customer’s engagement in co-creation experience was assessed with the following item “If a brand asked you to help her co-create a product/service with them, how would you react? ” on a five point-scale (1= I will strongly disagree and 5= I will strongly agree).

The means of customer engagement in co-creation experience were measured for each group “Non Lead users” vs “Lead users”, and between “Non Emergent Nature” vs “Emergent Nature”.
 If lead-users and emergent customers represent a small part of the population, they are highly willing to co-create with brands:
  1. Lead users are significantly (p < .0001) more ready to engage in co-creation activities (Mean = 4.60) than non lead users (3.89).
  2. Emergent nature consumers are significantly (p < .0001) more ready to engage in co-creation activities (Mean = 4.65) than Non Emergent nature consumers (3.88).

These two user populations more often post comments online or co-develop new products or services with a brand. Furthermore, we find that Lead users are more ready than Emergent Nature consumers to engage in most of the following co-creation activities: to post a comment online concerning a product or service, to take part to the promotion of a new product or service, to take part to a market study or to the development of a new product.

Respective skills in co-creation

Lead users and Emergent nature consumers are significantly (p <.001) more able to take part to creative activities than the mainstream consumers. They know how to realize and achieve their ideas and more often adapt product or services to meet their individual needs.

Lead users are more efficient than Emergent nature consumers on the following:

  1. They have precise ideas on how to improve/develop a product or a service; 
  2. They customize products or services to satisfy their individual needs; 
  3. Develop a complete fabrication of a product or service to meet their personal needs
  4.  Apply for a patent.

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