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samedi 11 janvier 2014

The perfect marketing pitch

"If Apple sold you water, you had probably buy it !"

An old joke from Scoopertino, but a real lesson for marketers: tomorrow Apple will blast into supermarkets with revolutionary Apple Water: "Today Apple announced Apple Water — a cool refreshment made for those willing to suspend all logic and pay the price for Apple’s lavish attention to quality and design".

The perfect marketing pitch !

Short, clear, simple, with the strengths of Apple brand equity: design, emotion, ergonomy.
Mind the gap. It's not a simple bottle of water, it's a kind of magic, an Apple Water,  Steve Jobs' memory.

Clean, Simple Wet.

The marketing target

Very large: “If you’ve been drinking the juice, you’re ready to drink the Apple water. "

The product's keys innovation

First of all, the main innovation :a  temperature sensitive logo that shifts from red to blue when the temperature is in Steve Jobs’ acceptable limit...Always Steve Jobs' memory.

With some extra bonuses : a built-in display, a molecular perfection, top resistance, cool ergonomy.

Product line extension

Don't forget to buy the special Apple-designed cup, with a real good value for money at the promotional price $29.99.
Enjoy it!

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