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dimanche 18 décembre 2011

Welcome Back Eepydybird: the Coke Zero & Mentos Rocket !

They are coming back! The Eepybird's heroes... 
Fritz Grobe (the short one) and Stephen Voltz (the tall one)

Five years after, yet another trick of genius viral advertising from EepyBird...But also, creativity, innovation and co-creation with "special" customers...

After years of work, their foolish engineers have harnessed the explosive power of Coke and Mentos and achieved human propulsion, building two Rocket Cars, Mark I & Mark II. These rocket cars were welded together by Nick Salvati with Big Dave Tardy and Mike Miclon. Nick and Mike built the Mark I on a utility trailer frame, along with the front end of a bicycle. Nick and Dave built the Mark II on a pedal car frame.

They tell us : "This is sheer power vs. refined aerodynamics. This is sheer stupidity vs. refined stupidity. It’s the Coke Zero & Mentos Rocket Car"..

How does this work?

"The Coke Zero & Mentos Rocket Car uses a piston mechanism: a six-foot long rod sits inside a six-foot long tube attached to each bottle of Coke Zero. When the Mentos drop into the soda, the pressure tries to push the rod out of the tube. With 54 or 108 rods all pushing at once, that gives us a lot of power. All that power is pushing against a solid wall -- so the wall won't move, the rocket car will. We get one big push for six feet, and then it’s all coasting from there"

Let's see below the first video: the "Mark I" powered by 108 bottles of Coke Zero and 648 Mentos mints.....Enjoy it !

...versus the Coke Zero & Mentos Rocket CarMark II, powered by 54 bottles of Coke Zero and 324 Mentos mints.

And the winner is?


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