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mercredi 1 juin 2011

Insane Human Curling : Inside Bic Flex Experience

After the provocative viral ad  from Monminoutoudoux (Veet), a more conservative campaign from Bic. Still thinking that curling is a boring sport ? It's time for you to try human curling. Thanks to BIC Flex 3 Razors...

1 820 066 views on You Tube

Launched on april 11, 2011 in  France, campaign has been spread in Europe during May.

Agency: BUZZMAN (also see "shoot the bear or not")
Spot: Keith Schofield

With an extra bonus advergame : you can experience by yourself the Human Curling game : You only need a keyboard (space bar) or a webcam. Enjoy it !

Curling vs Bowling  ? A beauty Bowling 

A commercial from WAM Hair Removal: 

Beauty Bowling (180 000 views on You Tube)

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