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lundi 9 mai 2011

Are you ready for the Desperados Experience ?

After, the interactive Tipp-ex Experience, another viral ad.

Get the Desperados Experience...

The rules :
1- Enter your date of birth (you must have the legal age to get in the party. Depends on your country)
2- Enter your location (don't choose France, sorry for you, but the french legal restrictions prevent you from entering this site !)
3- Choose your partner for the party : men or women?

Launch on April 12th, 2011

One month later, 1 517 907 views on You Tube ???
(Be careful with this figure : is it an incentive or a lie ?)

Desperados Tequila Flavoured Beer 2011 International Campaign
Client : Heineken International
Agency : Dufresne-Corrigan-Scarlet

Believe or not, 
Enjoy it or not ...

 If you want to see the difference with the non-interactive version, click below

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